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IdeoText® is an all-in-one reading, writing and comprehension tool for individuals with learning disabilities. It enables users in developing their optimal strength-based literacy skills, whether in school, at work, or in the home. With regular use, it can encourage and increase independence and inclusion.

How it Works
Working powerfully in the background…

IdeoText® is the first entirely bilingual all-in-one assistive tool designed to help individuals of any age and all abilities. A user-friendly intuitive on-screen pallet of tools which are readily available any time you need them. All functionalities are a single click away! The tool integrates seamlessly with every computer application to provide additional support for reading, writing, studying, and research. Working seamlessly with other programs such as Microsoft Word and PowerPoint, Outlook, Google Drive documents, etc. With text-to-speech, you can hear what you’re typing as you compose, whether it’s single letters, words, sentences, paragraphs or entire documents; this audio feedback feature helps reinforce both proper writing skills and pronunciation. It can read out loud to you, too, from Internet websites, digital content and Adobe PDFs. IdeoText can also assist users with writing posts on Facebook, Twitter and other social networks, and can help users browse the Internet

IdeoText Screentshots
IdeoText Screentshots Learning from you and for you.

The IdeoText® word predictors display words based on frequency of use and most recently used words, as well as indicating correct grammatical use. Predictors and word completion tools help augment spelling and syntax to enable users to make choices, find the right words, and construct sentences with relative ease. Three levels of word predictors are incorporated: advanced, basic and personally-themed (customized) auto-predictors. An unlimited number of word banks can be created, with quick access to a comprehensive vocabulary resource. IdeoText® can strengthen skills, allow an individual to focus more on idea development, and evolve over time to accommodate a user’s growth.

The “eyes” have it.

To address different needs, IdeoText® incorporates a bank of images linked to their companion words, as a visual support for writing or understanding meaning. Visual support is also available with the word predictors and word banks, for an even better understanding of and differentiating between word choices.
A capture/highlighter tool easily extracts text for summaries or assignments, to compile research results or for reading selective long texts. Screen filters or colored overlays can enhance visual perception and facilitates concentration on reading and writing task.

IdeoText Screentshots IdeoText Screentshots
Change as Needed
  • Switching from one language to another is a simple one-click transition, without the need to close or open another window
  • Can be personalized to meet the needs and preferences of each individual user
  • Easily integrated into a user individualized education program (IEP)
  • Simple to customize by someone else, including a parent, caregiver, educator, employer or user
Make it Your Own
  • The visual support (age-appropriate pictograms, photos, etc.) can be personalized
  • User has a choice of adapted onscreen keyboards
  • Access any time the integrated bank of 3,500 images linked to words
  • Choose to add and personalize throughout with your own images
Put it to Work
  • Improves the speed and accuracy of reading and writing
  • Reinforces instruction and strengthens skill development
  • Supports concentration on reading and writing tasks
  • Enhances academic achievement in reading, writing and spelling
  • No Internet connection required
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Your Reading & Writing Assistant


Who it Helps

Oralys takes a needs-based approach to provide user-friendly tools and assistive technology to a wide range of users, including but not limited to individuals with:

  • Cognitive Impairments
  • ADHD
  • Dyslexia
  • Brain Injury
  • Dysgraphia
  • Dyspraxia
  • Aphasia/Dysphasia
  • Adult Literacy
  • Auditory and Visual Processing
  • Autism Spectrum Disorders
  • Intellectual Disabilities
  • Second Language Acquisition
IdeoText Screentshots Motivation – Success – Academic Achievement

A Canadian-made reading & writing solution that:

  • Is incredibly easy to use, personalize and adapt to individual needs
  • Builds confidence and independence in individuals
  • Can grow and evolve regularly with changing needs
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