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New Feature

All IdeoPrompt® features now available to fit on your wrist. Directly from your Apple Watch, access all of your personalised visual schedules, reminders, social stories, daily events, transitions and checklists.

IdeoPrompt® is ideal for anyone who needs assistance completing a step-by-step task, who would benefit from a structured organizational environment, or who requires reassurance during transitions. In terms of learning and using, it’s easy enough for young children and simple enough for tech-challenged seniors.

IdeoPrompt® scheduler now offers the ability to create step-by step tasks with a start time and duration for each step within a sequence. A visual clock timer displays the countdown in minutes and seconds and automatically moves to the next step once the time has lapsed. Another new addition to IdeoPrompt is that you can now schedule a sequence for a specific day and time with pop-up notifications. These scheduled task sequences may also be repeated for any number of days of the week.

See it in Action

Your Personal Scheduling Partner

How it Works

Helps individuals to transition from one activity to another independently.

The “alarm” timer allows you to automatically set timers to launch a sequence. Create alarms with descriptive vocal output and visuals from the bank of images or from personal photos to trigger the upcoming sequence. For example; set the morning routine to start at 8:00AM and a pop-up notification will remind the user to open the steps required to accomplish the morning routine. These scheduled sequences can be set to be repeated for any number of days of the week.

A step within a sequence can have an attached timer to display the passage of time with a red disk and digital timer. The timer can help an individual visually understand the structure of time in short productive blocks. Optionally choose to set a visual timer per step for seconds, minutes or hours the individual has to complete the task. Once the time has lapsed it automatically goes to the next step. Don’t need a visual timer for every step? No problem, the visual timer is independent to every step. When creating or editing a step, it can be turned on or off or set to countdown different times for every step.

Sophisticated yet incredibly simple

Supports children with organizational needs to accomplish daily routines

Whether for use academically, socially or at home, IdeoPrompt® is a companion tool for an unlimited number of routines or daily tasks, each organized step-by-step for maximum simplicity. Incredibly easy to personalize, it can, as an example, help a child get dressed, brush his teeth, see a video of Mom showing him how to fold his sweatshirt, hear Dad remind him that his bus is arriving soon, provide him with a checklist of his homework tasks, and much, much more. For academic support, IdeoPrompt® can also be easily integrated into a user-individualized education program (IEP).

IdeoPrompt Screentshots
IdeoPrompt Screentshots One-of-a-kind for each user

Supports individuals with memory loss in daily activities, grooming, medication compliance and more.

IdeoPrompt® assists individuals with functional and cognitive abilities by displaying with clear and concise visuals the steps needed for daily living activities and familiar tasks. In can, as an example, help a senior with memory loss get ready for the day, follow a simple recipe, prepare a visual shopping list, and outline step-by-step any activity that he needs help with organizing and recalling. As well, it can feature personalized visual cues and videos (such as photos of family members, images of her personal belongings, familiar places, etc.), as well as custom voice prompts (using the integrated voice synthesizer and/or personal voice recordings) to address each user’s unique needs and vocabulary. Ultimately, IdeoPrompt® can help a person feel better about themselves by providing a structure to the day and a sense of achievement. IdeoPrompt® is an enabling tool that supports and encourages independence for those living with cognitive impairments.

Empowering individuals and enriching communities

Supports work environments as a tool for vocational training and employee integration

IdeoPrompt® is one of the most useful apps available when it comes to on-the-job training – whether the objective is to acquire a new skill, follow a strict protocol, concentrate on the task at hand or to follow predetermined sequences, IdeoPrompt® is the ideal teaching tool. It will benefit employees working in restaurants, grocery stores, offices, manufacturing plants or any job environment that requires strict attention to detailed instructions. IdeoPrompt® provides individuals with a simple yet powerful tool to maximize their contribution, with the ultimate goal of increasing overall productivity and a communal sense of accomplishment in the workplace.

IdeoPrompt Screentshots
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Change as Needed
  • Can “prompt” any number of tasks, each organized step-by-step for clarity
  • Flexibility to adapt with growing or changing needs
  • For use academically, socially, at work and/or at home
  • Can be integrated into a user-individualized education program (IEP)
  • Easily personalized by parent, caregiver, educator, employer or user
  • Customizable with visual cues to make expectations clear
Make it Your Own
  • Can be personalized to an individual’s interests with pictograms, images, photos and videos
  • Fully integrated bank of 3,500 ideograms to choose from
  • Quick and easy integration of photos and videos from your own device
  • Natural-sounding voice synthesizer or record your own voice
  • Create an unlimited number of sequences and steps
  • No Internet connection required
Put it to Work
  • Provides simple step-by-step instructions
  • Displays an outline to allow anticipation of transitions
  • Repeats instructions as needed
  • Maintains user’s effort by staying focused on given task
  • Helps to prioritize tasks, follow instructions, and complete projects
  • Supports the acquisition of new skill sets

Who it Helps


Oralys takes a needs-based approach to provide user-friendly tools and assistive technology to a wide range of users, including but not limited to individuals with:

  • Cognitive Impairments
  • Dementia
  • Intellectual Disabilities
  • Autism Spectrum Disorders
  • Brain Injury
  • Stroke
  • Learning Disabilities
  • ADHD
  • Developmental Delays
IdeoPrompt Screentshots Independence – Autonomy – Self-Reliance

The only Canadian-made scheduling app that:

  • Is incredibly easy to use, personalize and adapt to individual needs
  • Provides positive reinforcement for increased autonomy and self-esteem
  • Is designed for optimal independence and self-confidence
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