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"Oralys software solutions are important tools in the learning and development process. They offer improved autonomy and a promising start for children and their families."

Michel Cyr, Montreal

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Activation Key

Activation Key

All Oralys software and solutions are protected against piracy with sophisticated encryption and key systems. In order to use this product, it must be activated using a specific key code.

Some of our software products may be activated over the Internet. To activate your software via the Internet, simply follow the instructions on your computer screen.

Otherwise, upon initial launch of the application, a screen will be displayed asking you to contact Oralys to receive your activation key. This key must be entered in order for your software to become active. While sitting in front of your computer, dial 1 866 847-5251 during normal business hours (Eastern time: 8:30 am to 5:00 pm, Monday to Friday). One of our technical support representatives will provide you with your key, which must be entered in the appropriate field on the activation window. Press the “OK” button to activate the application.

Should you require any assistance during the installation process, please contact one of our technical support advisors.

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