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"Thank-You Oralys. I can go to the restaurant. I can order my meal - alone."

Martin, IdeoVoice Mobile User

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IdeoVoice Mobile
IdeoVoice Mobile

Ideovoice Mobile gives you a simple way to communicate. It's fast, simple and can be easily adapted to your daily activities. It is used as a primary way to communicate or has a complementary way to speak. The user will need to be able to use a pointer to be able to select the images. This mobile solution is perfect for the people that are always "on the go", that enjoys leisure time and many other activties outside house or school.

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Main Features

Ability to create and define an unlimited number of categories
Displays the category based on contexts determined by specialists
Saves sentences or configurations for future use
Option to select the number of ideograms displayed on the screen
Highly advanced and powerful text-to-speech synthesizer
Geared towards

Hearing impairs, dysphasia, aphasia, dyslexia
Learning Trouble
Language disorder
Young child for language stimulation
People with language and communication disorders
People on the go that need a mobile solution
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