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"Jonathan can now express his wants and needs at home. Its such a joy to have him tell me that he would like to have a glass of milk instead of juice"

Claudine Mercier, Mother

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Communicator Video (Mpeg)

(French - Available in English soon.)

This technologically advanced multimedia communication aid has united the powerful science of ideograms and the educational advantages of both text and sound to facilitate verbal exchanges and effectively enhance language learning strategies.

Main Features

Over 3,800 semantically displayed ideograms
Innovative 3-way communication ability (Ideogram-to-Speech-to-Text)
Click & Save sentences for quick use in the future
Create or modify sentence text through the keyboard
Geared towards

Language impairments (dysphasia, aphasia, autism, stroke, …)
Learning difficulties
Cognitive challenges
And also Professionals who work in these fields
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