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« For the first time, Marie has made much progress, it seems as though she is opening up to many new discoveries. The future seems quite promising, especially since she will be entering school soon. »

Julien Rivet, father

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IdeoVoice Video (Mpeg)

(French - Available in English soon.)

IdeoVoice was designed to facilitate communication in a simple, quick and repetitive way. The application includes a set of prerecorded sentences, which are grouped according to context and symbolized by ideograms. It is ideal for encouraging language and speech development (vocabulary, classification, syntax, written language, etc…) and can be used as a learning tool in schools. In addition, IdeoVoice can be configured to suit the user schedule.

Main Features

Integrated scan mode
Ability to create and define an unlimited number of categories
Displays the category based on contexts determined by specialists
Saves sentences or configurations for future use
Option to select the number of ideograms displayed on the screen
Highly advanced and powerful “text-to-speech” synthesizer
Geared towards

Hearing impairs, dysphasia,
aphasia, dyslexia
Learning Trouble
Language disorder
Young child for language
People with language and
communication disorders
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