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“The majority of the tools I’ve used in the past have been very complicated to use and required several days of work. The Customization Tool allows me to modify and personalize what I need in a matter of moments. I now have more time to actually be with my clients”

Luce Gariépy, Gatineau

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Personalization Tool
Personalization ToolVideo (Mpeg)

(French - Available in English soon.)

The Personalization Tool enables professionals, specialists and users to add, modify or delete ideograms and associated text; modify the standard Oralys ideogram classification and semantic tree based on the user’s needs or customize applications for several users. Digital photos of friends and family or personal items can also be added. In addition, when a user already knows other ideograms, they can replace those supplied by Oralys. The personalization Tool allow the professionnal to adapt the School Communicator or the Communicator so it can evolve with the user.

Main Features

Enables users to modify and customize ideograms
Ability to include ideograms and associate text with them
Option to delete ideograms
Option to mask ideograms for future use
Ability to add digital photos of friends and family or personal items
Option to add other professional ideogram/pictogram databases
Geared towards

Customizer is designed for specialists and users of the Oralys Communicator for PC and School Communicator.
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