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"Oralys software solutions are important tools in the learning and development process. They offer improved autonomy and a promising start for children and their families."

Michel Cyr, Montreal

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About Oralys Inc.
Established in 2001, Oralys Inc. is a privately held Montreal-based company specializing in the research and development of software solutions for people with speech impairments, learning difficulties, or who have lost the ability to communicate. At Oralys, our goal is to enable these individuals to emerge from their isolation and integrate the social mainstream through the use of adapted technological solutions.

Oralys applications are designed to break the silence barrier by enabling users to express themselves and function normally in society through improved communication. Our innovative applications use ideograms (a.k.a. pictograms), highly intuitive methodologies, and superior quality speech synthesis to allow users - regardless of their disability - to construct, compose and express sentences in both English and French. In addition, Oralys also develops training and educational materials to teach users how to optimize their use of these applications and improve their ability to communicate.

Oralys holds the sole intellectual property rights to its technology, the copyrights of which are registered in Canada for all software developed.

Oralys is the proud exclusive distributor of eBeam products in Canada. Please visit ebeam.oralys.ca for more information (in French only).

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