About Oralys

Headquartered in Montreal, Canada, Oralys is a privately-owned company founded in 2001 to research and develop assistive software solutions. The company’s first products were designed to help individuals with speech impediments and learning disabilities.

For the past decade, Oralys has been working quietly and diligently on a comprehensive line of these assistive tools for Canada’s special-needs communities. Already a leader in the industry, their ongoing success is due in part to their respectful collaboration with parents, education and medical professionals and researchers throughout the country to ensure that their products are, in reality, meeting very specific daily needs and challenges.

The company’s highly-intuitive user-centric methodologies have ensured a rapid acceptance of Oralys products in today’s increasingly saturated digital market. As digital technology evolves, the potential to grow in this area is exciting: Oralys is dedicated to improving the communication, learning and organizational abilities of all its users, with a wide range of products and solutions to meet individual needs.

At Oralys, our goal is to foster independence and empower individuals to integrate into the social mainstream through the use of adapted technological solutions.

Oralys holds the sole intellectual property rights to its technology.